Era Reversible Seat Stroller – The Baby Gizmo Company

April 17th, 2018

Being that the Era is Bumbleride’s FIRST reversible seat stroller, they wanted everything to be perfect on it before they put it out to the world. Well, we finally got our hands on this new stroller at JPMA, and I have to tell you, it’s pretty cool. It’s what we expect from Bumbleride – a quality, well-made stroller with the features that moms and dads want.

The Bumbleride Era is like a Bumbleride Indie 4 but with a reversible seat and a different fold. They haven’t announced a price or a weight limit on the buggy yet but we do know that it will come in all the current Bumbleride fashions and will be available for purchase in late 2018.

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5 Easy Ways Your Family Can Help Preserve the Planet We All Share

April 4th, 2018

1. Refuse, Reduce & Recycle

Have you heard about the plastic pollution problem? Being based in San Diego, CA we see the problem first hand at our local beaches and waterways.  Plastics are particularly damaging to the marine environment, as they do not biodegrade, and are easily mistaken as food and ingested by wildlife. While there is no immediate solution, we can all help by taking small steps in reducing our family’s use of single-use plastics for example: plastic cutlery, plastic grocery bags, coffee cups and to go food packaging. For the plastic we do buy, try to re-purpose it and lastly, recycle it.

2. Eat & Shop Local

Head to your local farmers market for fresh air, good food and local vibes like our friend Megean from @ZeroWasteNerd pictured above. Taste an apple or orange that was picked a few days ago vs. many months ago and reduce the amount of energy/petroleum it takes to ship food across the world. Support your local agriculture and meet the farmer that worked hard to produce the food you are eating.  Don’t forget to bring your own basket or reusable bag to haul your goods home.

3. Volunteer at a beach or park cleanup

In the US, check with your local Surfrider Foundation chapter or in Canada your local Shoreline Cleanup. In Hawaii, join a Sustainable Coastlines cleanup, whose founders happen to be Bumbleride Adventurers (pictured at top of page).

4. Skip the straw

Straws are one of the top 5 items we pick up at our park and beach cleanups. One simple, “No straw please” at a restaurant can set a great example for our children, friends, family and bring awareness to the straw problem. Straws often cannot be recycled due to their size, material and shape. Paper and reusable straws are now available in many options, check out Simply Straws for awesome reusable straws.

5. Reusable containers

We’re big fans of reusable water containers, reusable food storage and coffee mugs/containers. Bumbleride staff family favorites include Klean Kanteen, Wean Green and Stasher . We even co-branded our own Kids Kanteen Sippy Cup with Klean Kanteen.

Want to learn even more ways you and your children can make an impact on helping preserve the environment? Visit this helpful article from SD Coastkeeper.



Our Fabrics Just Got Better

April 2nd, 2018

Bumbleride Water Resistant Fabric

Our Fabrics Just Got Better

Durability, safety and function are top of mind when choosing the materials for our products and environmental impact is always a big part of that discussion. Our mission is to continue to get you out doing what you love, while doing our best to preserve the planet we all share.

With each new collection, we continue to evolve and progress our eco story. Our materials feature:

  • 100% recycled polyester fabric (RPET)
  • OEKO-TEX Standard 100, Class I Certification (the strictest of test classes for baby products)
  • Innovative dye process (for black colorways)
  • Polyurethane foam free
  • Harmful chemical and fire retardant free

Starting this year, we have added a new water repellent treatment to our fabrics. We have moved from a C-8 fluorocarbon-based water repellent to C-6, which is more eco-friendly, as its by-products break down faster in the environment with less potential toxicity over time to living things.

Feel good knowing our rPET fabrics have kept over half a million water bottles out of landfills since 2011. It’s not an option, not an upgrade; just the right thing to do. Learn more about our fabrics.

Bumbleride Indie Fabric

Baby Gear & Registry 101 – Gearapalooza – Bump Club & Beyond

March 29th, 2018


Have you heard about Gearapalooza? Learn about all things baby gear and registry from our friends at Bump Club & Beyond, TheBabyGuyNYC and Babylist, our favorite baby registry.

Attend one of the below Gearapalooza events this year for a chance to win a Bumbleride stroller and much more!


2017 vs. 2018 Model Comparison

March 15th, 2018

Updated Sun Canopy

We’ve increased available headroom an additional 1.5″ so your toddler will have a comfy ride for life. (2018 model 23″ vs 2017 model 21.5″ open or closed)

Ergonomic Fold Levers

We know how important time is for parents and we’ve squeezed in a little bit more with our improved fold levers, now even easier to use.

New Colors + Seat Liners

2018 colors include Dawn Grey Mint, Dawn Grey Coral, Tourmaline Wave, Matte Black (all black), Maritime Blue and Camp Green.

Guest Blogpost – Malcolm Johnson & Kira Hoffman – Writer & Biologist Q+A

March 14th, 2018

Malcolm Johnson Bumbleride Guest Blogpost Q and A

Q+ A with Malcolm Johnson & Kira Hoffman

Writer at Patagonia & Biologist


What does a typical weekend look like for your family?

I have good flexibility with my work hours, and Kira does too, so we try to get out in the water every day of the week. We definitely embrace the “Let My People Go Surfing” philosophy. Weekends are that much better though, because there’s more time to go have fun together as a family. If the waves are good, we’ll go down to C Street in the morning with the stroller and take turns surfing while the other one walks our little guy along the foot path. If the waves aren’t so good, we’ll usually head to Solimar or Pierpont beach and post up with friends and a sun tent. Then it’s home for a nap, and since it usually gets windy in the afternoons in Ventura we’ll go inland and get out on one of the trails up in Ojai. The Speed is really rugged, so it works great on the dirt trails in the river preserve.

Kira Hoffman Check Baby Pre-Surf

Has your commitment to the environment changed since becoming a dad?

It’s deepened for sure. I’ve always been passionate about environmental and wilderness issues, but once you have a kid it just seems to hit you so much harder. I think a lot about what the world is going to be like for our son as he grows up. So many of the environmental problems we’re facing are avoidable—we just have to start making better choices, both personally and collectively, and we probably need to start making some bigger sacrifices too. Not buying things we don’t need, not being so reliant on toxic and throwaway products, and reducing carbon footprints as much as possible. I want there to be clean air to breathe, good food to eat and clean rivers to drink from when he’s our age. That’s what is really motivating me these days.

What do you look for when purchasing baby gear for your family?

I probably get my perspective on baby gear from working at Patagonia, where there’s a lot of focus on durability, less harmful materials and reducing consumption. Kira is a passionate thrifter, so we’ve gotten almost all of our baby gear at second-hand stores or as hand-me-downs from friends. For the new things we buy, we go for items that are reusable and as non-toxic as possible, like glass bottles and food containers instead of plastic ones. In terms of gear, we’re always looking for things that are well built, won’t fall apart, and help us get out as a family to do the things we love. The Speed definitely falls into that category. We’ve got our boy a baby lifejacket, a bike seat and a good carrier backpack, so we’re pretty set for adventuring now.

Which is your favorite feature of the Speed? What about your little one’s favorite feature?

I love how sturdy it is and how nicely it rolls on different kinds of terrain—we’ve had it on pavement, dirt trails and gravel roads, and it always feels like he’s getting a smooth ride and not bouncing around. We live close to Ventura High School, so we’ll go do some laps on their track sometimes too when we want to run. You get some odd looks running laps with a stroller, but it’s fun and keeps us fit. Our kid always seems super content in the Speed, so I’d guess his favorite feature is that it gets him outside where he can look at trees, cars, clouds and all the other outside things that seem to fascinate him. He’s a really curious dude and he loves to get out of the house.

Anything we can improve on Speed’s next version?
The zippered pocket up by the handle could be a touch bigger. And then maybe a version with bears or dinosaurs on the canopy. Most of our boy’s shirts and onesies have dinosaurs, so he’d probably be pretty stoked if his ride did too.


Follow Malcolm on Instagram @malcolmrjohnson

Learn more about Speed.


Malcolm and Kira received a Speed stroller in exchange for their photos and honest opinion.



New Baby New World Sweepstakes

March 6th, 2018

Bumbleride giveaway

The Hello World Sweepstakes is live and we want you to win! Our friends at Babybjörn, Cool Mom Picks, Eco by Naty, Happiest Baby, Heymama, Little Unicorn and Tea Collection picked everything you need to bring home baby including an Indie all terrain stroller!

Enter here. Open to US & Canadian residents (excluding Quebec). Ends 3/20.

Run She Is Beautiful 2018

January 19th, 2018


Join the Run She Is Beautiful 5k and 10k in Santa Cruz, CA on March 17th or in Santa Barbara, CA on September, 22nd, 2018. Course flair, inspirational sayings, and overall goodtime. Whether this is your FIRST race or your 100th, you will be encouraged AND celebrated! ALL LEVELS!

Walk, run, walk, jog or push a stroller in the Bumbleride Baby Mama Division. The winning runners of each 5 and 10k bumbleride division race will win a new Speed Jogging Stroller!

RSIB believes creating a stronger self physically manifests into a stronger self in all areas of your life and we can’t support that mission enough. Here’s to strong legs, smart girls, and celebrating yourself and just how awesome you are!

Want more? Don’t forget to check out their annual yoga event each July and their year round Mileage Club (think swag, discounts, and motivation/inspiration)! 

Learn more about Run She Is Beautiful here.

Thank You

January 17th, 2018

Thank You Bumbleride Family

Dear Bumbleride Family,

As a family owned business, we highly value family. It’s not only our own Bumbleride family, but seeing Bumbleride families around the world like yours continue to grow.

We are honored that our products play a part in making those fun and exciting adventures possible.

As the year begins we want to let you know how much we appreciate your continued support and recommendations to friends and family.

Looking back on 2017, our team has been busy not only with the addition of 3 new little “Bumbleriders”, Paloma, Graham and Savvy, but with increasing our production to meet another year of record demand for Bumbleride products.

Another exciting milestone is in 2017 we hit a recycling record. Moving our products to 100% RPET has resulted in more than 500,000 post consumer water bottles being recycled and repurposed for our fabric. To put it into perspective that’s 13 dump trucks of water bottles that have been kept out of landfills, parks and our oceans. We look forward to exploring new ways to do our best to preserve the planet we all share.

We understand that you have many options in the marketplace and are grateful that you’ve made Bumbleride the choice for your active eco-minded family. Stay tuned for some exciting new releases from Bumbleride in 2018.

We love to see your Bumbleriders. #Bumbleride for a chance to be featured.

Thank you.

Matt & Emily (Founders) and the entire Bumbleride Team

We Need Your Vote! – Indie Twin Named Finalist In 2018 Cribsie Awards – Best Double Stroller

December 4th, 2017

Thanks to amazing Bumbleride family members like yourselves, Indie Twin has been nominated a Finalist for Best Double Stroller in the 2018 Cribsie Awards by Stroller Traffic and TheBabyGuyNYC.  Now we need your vote to take gold! Vote Here.

Thank you so much for your votes and nominations!!